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Ceret Modern Art Museum

  • Musée d’art Moderne Céret
  • 8 Bd Maréchal Joffre 66400 Céret
  • 004 68 87 27 76

The Modern Art Museum of Céret , in Occitanie (formerly Languedoc Roussillon ), was created in 1950 and has become a place of international renown thanks to the various stays of legends and great painters of the 20th century such as Braque, Gris, Picasso, Soutine, etc. Its geographical location and its Mediterranean climate do not lack assets to attract visitors and holidaymakers staying near Céret .

What is the history of the modern art museum of Céret?

Brightness and easy living have always appealed to painters. This is also what inspired them the most. The Modern Art Museum of Céret is the result of the stay of the greatest artists of the 20th century in the city and its surroundings. The museum was created in 1950, and two actors were at the origin of this artistic adventure, Pierre Brune and Franck Burty Haviland. Since then, mainly over the past 20 years, the museum has continued to grow and is now internationally renowned.

The Museum offers guided tours for museum visitors. This guided tour aims to exchange between visitors and guides, lovers of art, brush and canvas. Basic schools (kindergarten and elementary), colleges and high schools, universities and professional training institutes, French art schools, etc. often meet there. The Museum offers fun and colorful activities to all of these players. This museum is therefore suitable for all age groups. So if you want to do a cultural activity, with your family during your camping stay in the Eastern Pyrenees .

Museum activities

The cultural institution often organizes exhibitions in a series of thematic chapters. The scientific and artistic fields are then given pride of place. The link between the art and science of the exhibited works makes all the originality of the museum’s cultural events.

Several types of visits are available:

  • free visits
  • guided tours
  • workshop visits

For free visitors, the visit is carried out independently as for the guided tours, they are the responsibility of the cultural mediators of the museum.

As for the workshop visits, they are based on playful approaches to innovation using several methods. They concern a large section starting from kindergarten to professionals if necessary.

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