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  • Amélie-les-Bains-Palalda
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Holidaymakers enjoying a stay at the campsite in the Pyrénées-Orientales at St Jean Pla de Corts will have plenty of time to explore the region. No need to travel miles to enjoy its different facets. One of them lies in the hydrotherapy present on the territory. Amélie-les-Bains is the perfect example of this. However, the spa resort can also be discovered through its wide open spaces during hikes as well as its cultural heritage. The campsite near Amélie-les-Bains de La Vallée takes you on a discovery tour.

What to do and see in Amélie-les-Bains?

During a stroll through Amélie-les-Bains , visitors will have the opportunity to stroll along LaTech , but also to discover its architectural heritage. Throughout their walk, they will be able to discover several monuments. Overlooking Amélie les Bains, you can admire the Fort-les-Bains . Built in the 17th century, the strategic building replaced the old medieval castle that stood there. This redesign allowed the French engineer Saint Hilaire and then the Marquis Sébastien Vauban to make it a defense monument. Although it is not accessible to the visit, it can still be contemplated more closely during a hike.

Among the other remarkable monuments located in Amélie-les-Bains, we can also mention theSaint Martin de Palalda Church , theSaint-Quentin church or the Chapel of Santa Engracia. Finally, to this historical and cultural heritage is also added its post office museum (2 km from Amélie-les-Bains) which showcases through 4 exhibition rooms the means of communication used in the Pyrénées-Orientales, but also art and popular traditions.

The Roman Baths of Amélie-les-Bains

Whether it is for a day or a longer stay during a spa treatment , taking advantage of Amélie-les-Bains will give you the opportunity to experience moments placed under the sign of relaxation and vitality. To satisfy yourself, join one of the two thermal establishments, which are the Roman baths and the Mondony baths. On site, cures are offered as well as treatments and massages adapted to all needs and desires.

A walk to the flag of Amélie-les-Bains

Take to the skies by reaching the flag of Amélie-les-Bains and its breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape and Mount Canigou . To reach the summit, take the path from the Cami del Pastou for 4.5 kilometers. Easily achievable, this walk in the middle of nature only takes an hour and thirty minutes to go there and back.

The markets of Amélie-les-Bains

As for those who wish to take advantage of their stay at the campsite near Amélie-les-Bains to go shopping, they will have plenty of time to stroll around the market. They can choose to take advantage of the following market days:

  • The Place de la République Market in Amélie-les-Bains is open every morning
  • The Place de la Sardane market in Amélie-les-Bains is open on Thursday mornings

In addition, during the summer season you can count on the market at the end of the day which is held on Wednesdays until 9 p.m. in the streets of the spa town.

Reach the spa from our campsite near Amélie les Bains

Only 14 km separates Amélie-les-Bains from the La Vallée campsite in St-Jean-Pla-de-Corts . This proximity to the spa resort is therefore conducive to a stopover for a day or half a day. In addition, during a visit to Amélie-les-Bains , take the opportunity to stop halfway in Céret .

Staying at the campsite near Amélie-les-Bains de la Vallée during a spa treatment

Want to enjoy a spa treatment in Amélie-les-Bains ? Our campsite near Amélie-les-Bains welcomes you throughout your stay by offering you comfortable accommodation in a green environment conducive to relaxation. In addition, you will enjoy the on-site swimming pool , leisure facilities and services offered.