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Spanish border

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During a stay at the campsite near the Spanish border , it is difficult to resist the call of a trip to this Iberian country. Whether it is to visit or do some shopping, all the reasons are good to go for a day in Spain during your stay in the Pyrénées-Orientales .

What to do and what to visit at the Spanish border?

Whatever your desires during your excursion in Catalonia , the possibilities are not lacking! You can choose to discover the town of Figueras, visit the Chateau de Requesens, or go shopping.

Join Figueres

The curious and lovers of the arts will find something to satisfy them in Figueres. Indeed, Figueres was marked by the birth of the famous artist Salvador Dali. The opportunity to visit the Salvador Dali Museum and Dali ‘s birth house . A visit to Figueres also allows those who wish to visit the Catalonian Toy Museum and the Church of Saint Peter.

Shopping in Spain

Holidaymakers who so wish can also take advantage of their stay at the campsite near the Spanish border to do some shopping nearby. It will be possible to stop at El Pertus or Els Limit where you can also visit the exile museum.

Visit the Château de Requesens

Those who wish to take advantage of the Catalan architectural and historical heritage will have plenty of time to visit the Château de Requesens . Built in the 12th century, this superb medieval fortress can be visited 15 km west of El Limits.

Where to stay at the campsite near the Spanish border in the Pyrénées-Orientales?

Camping de la Vallée located in St Jean Pla de Corts welcomes you for a stay at the campsite near the Spanish border . Located 20 km from Perthus and Spain, it will be easy and quick to reach the border. Moreover, its ideal situation between sea and mountain, will allow you to join many other places of visits.

With its entertainment, activities and swimming pool, everything is done to make your stay at the Vallée campsite as pleasant as possible.

How to reach the Spanish border from La Vallée campsite?

By taking the road to the south via Le Perthus and the A9 motorway, Spain awaits you! Whether it is to do some shopping or to visit the region, you can easily reach the Spanish border or choose to continue your journey to Figueras in particular. Allow only 20 minutes to reach the border and 30 minutes to go to Figueres.